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​​​We keep good relations with main truck manufactrers in China. And we can supply all brands dump truck made in China. HOWO, SHACMAN, BEIBEN, DONGFENG, SINOTRUK, BEIBEN, FOTON, C&C, and so on. 
Crane refers to a certain range of vertical lifting and carrying heavy lifting multi-action lifting machinery, also known as cranes. The company is located in:

Tractor implements produced        by TT GROUP such as   plough,harrow,planter,harvester      tiller,grass custter,mulcher.

etc.widely used in china farm                     lands.

Our tractor is popularly used in china,with its high quality and competitive price.well-konwn between china farmers.
Other engineer machinery 

Welcome To Alibadi Group Corporation

Thanks for visiting Alibadi Group Corporation website. Here you will find variety model of agricultural and construction equipment for whatever your needs may be. Since our beginning in 1999, Alibadi has became to be ione of the most important agricultural and construction machinery manufacturer in China,  we are now able to provide wide range of farm equipment, construction machinery, power machinery, and vehicles, to accommodate any need you may have. Some of our most popular products include: crawler tractor, wheeled tractor, farm harvester, road roller, industrial bulldozer, and pickup truck.with good performance, durability characteristic, and better after sales service , Northocean machinery widely used in the agriculture, construction, and transportation industries.  we also provide related spare parts for customer convenience.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


This product has been set up specifically for the installation of large hook wire rope winch, optional devices such as counterweight, luffing jib and other demolition,

By the machine itself, to maximize the ease of installation and removal.

Dezhou Alibadi Machinery Co;Ltd

20-50horsepower Family Compact Utility Tractors from Alibabdi are a treasured addition to those who work the land. With a wide range of models available, you’re sure to

find a suitable machine to meet all your needs—whether property owner, landscape contractor, small-scale farmer, equine operator or other vocation.

Easy Operation
AutoConnect Drive-over Mower Deck, Quik-Park easy-attach loader, iMatch Quick Hitch compatibility.
Affordable Ownership
Manageable monthly payments, reasonable maintenance costs, excellent resale value.

Dezhou Alibadi Machinery Co;Ltd

China Northocean Group has been established leading position in

 producing farm and construction machinery in 20 years througho

-ut China , offering more than 50 kinds of tractor models between

25 to230 hp,also construction machinery :excavator,loader,truck,t






    Alibadi's B50U Series takes compact tractor capability to the next level with user-friendly operation and outstanding productivity. Equipped with high quality engines and transmissions, they provide t




    We believe that size is everything, provided that it can also do everything.
    The large tractor is a perfect example of this, delivering an impressive engine output of up to 230 hp which it uses extre




    Alibadi's excavator suitable for earth and stone construction projects such as municipal construction, highway bridges, housing construction, road engineering, farmland water conservancy construction,

  • tractor with loader and backhoe

    tractor with loader and backhoe


    Freedom to do more.
    We've listened to you and equipped the new TRACTOR with plenty of new features to lighten your daily workload and provide greater comfort and convenience: a new top model with fro

Item Details:

1..Good ventilation and can filter toxic particles

2.Preserves heat and is waterproof

3. Soft texture and comfortable wear

silage harvester features:

1. Complete Gear Drive

2. High-performance Header Combined with Double Vertical Pre-compressed Rollers

3. Equipped with Knife Grinder

mask features:

​1.Made of multi-layered 2.nonpoisonous,


non-stimulating materials.

1.13T 16T 20T 25T Standard size  board type axle for truck semi trailer.

2.Professional casting production line.
3. We can customize it according to your requirements.
4. The Logo can be customized.